All Teeth Missing

full-mouth dental implants 


Usually 6-10 dental implants can be placed in either dental arch followed by placement of fixed bridgework.

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full mouth implant results NYC

15 dental implants placed to support fixed bridgework

The final result is esthetic and natural-looking



  • Feels most like natural teeth
  • Maintains bone (by virtue of implants)
  • Chewing efficacy is optimal
  • Costly
  • Appointments are time consuming and treatment period may be long
  • Not suitable for patients with unrealistic expectations

Denture Implants


Two to four (or more) dental implants are placed in each arch followed by placement of attachments on the implants to retain a denture or partial denture.

overdenture on implants

overdenture implants nyc

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Partial Denture with Ball Anchors

Lower jaw with 2 implants to support a removable partial denture (right) retained by ball anchors




  • Chewing efficacy much better than a conventional denture
  • Treatment time is efficient
  • Cost-effective
  • May not feel like natural teeth
  • Still a removable prosthesis
  • Maintenance visits and prostheses remakes necessary (after 4-6 years)

fixed denture implants


Four to six implants are placed to support a full-compliment of teeth in either dental arch.

fixed implant bridge

fixed implant bridge nyc

Five implants in lower jaw

Finished Lower Hybrid Denture



  • Chewing efficacy close to that of natural teeth
  • Treatment time is efficient
  • Cannot be removed by patient
  • Requires maintenance (especially if made of acrylic resin)
  • More costly than implant overdenture