Limited Jaw Movement

lock jaw locking jaw limited jaw movement TMJ dentist New York City NYC Limited jaw movement or the feeling that your jaw is locking or catching may be a symptom of serious TMJ problems. Occasionally, it may be necessary for someone with a locked jaw to move the jaw to one side or the other in order to open or close the mouth properly.  A person might also have to open the mouth until a popping sound is heard and felt, at which point the jaw unlocks.

Limited jaw movement is often a result of a "bad bite" or serious TMJ strain.  A bite that is mal-aligned can result in clicking or popping in the jaw, neckaches, backaches, and headaches.  Additional problems may result, including myofascial pain dysfunction (MPD), which is pain in the muscles of the face, head and neck.  MPD needs to be treated before TMJ treatment can begin.

Neuromuscular dentistry realigns the bite by measuring the jaw in its most relaxed position and then putting the jaw back into its natural position. In most cases this repositioning can be accomplished with a small device designed to relax your muscles and realign your jaw joint.