Dental Implant Bridges

dental implant bridges NYC



After a comprehensive examination and radiographic analysis, local anesthesia is given to make you comfortable. In many instances, no incision is necessary. One or more spaces are created in the jaw bone to allow the insertion of a dental implant, and if necessary, the gum tissue is sutured closed. The implants are allowed to "fuse" or "osseointegrate" with the bone for a period of 6 weeks to 6 months, depending on the quality of bone.

 restorative VISIT  


After your implants have osseointegrated, titanium or ceramic abutments need to be placed. After the abutments are inserted into the implants, an impression is made so that a permanent bridge can be fabricated in the laboratory. At this visit, you may receive a temporary restoration to contour soft tissues.   After an appropriate amount of time has elapsed for laboratory fabrication of your prosthesis, your implants will be fitted with a fixed bridge.