Sensitive and Sore Teeth

sensitive and sore teeth TMJ symptoms New York City NYC Sensitive or sore teeth is a common symptom of TMJD (temporomandibular joint disorder).  Teeth may become sensitive because of a clenching or grinding habit, which in 80% of the population occurs during the REM stage of sleep (the dream stage of sleep).  Prolonged clenching and gridning may lead to clicking and popping of the jaw joint; if left untreated, clenching and grinding can even cause dislocation of the jaw joint.

Unfortunately, when seeking relief from this type of tooth pain many patients are misdiagnosed and may even go as far as having the nerve from the tooth removed with root canals, or even having the tooth extracted.  Not only may these procedures not relieve the pain, but they can actually make the pain more severe.

Dr. Michael Gulizio and Dr. Steven Cordoves are expertly trained in correcting TMJ problems.  They relieve sensitive and sore teeth related to the TMJ by going to the source of the problem—a "bad bite" or misaligned jaw. In most cases, correction of TMJ problems can be accomplished with the use of a specially-designed orthotic.  In our experience, over 90% of our patients report long-lasting relief within the first 2 months of treatment.

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